New Insights

Impact On The Role of Adult Educators: Challenges Surrounding Implementing Tech

I have gained a greater understanding of the many hurdles that educators must clear in order to successfully implement new technology in the classroom. Where we really need to start is campaigning our administration to get them on board and ready to assist us with the change. When we have the support of administration we can then negotiate the time to implement and receive proper training on the technology. We can have the correct infrastructure put into place in our classrooms so that the new technology will operate, and we can ensure we are provided with all the necessary supplies to make the project successful. This will take patience on the part of the educator because sometimes there can be a bit of a process behind getting administration on board, but once you do you really are provided with a full tool kit to help you move forward. Having more resources at your disposal and an understanding from your supervisors will make the project much less stressful as they will understand where and how you need to devote your time in order to get the project up and running. As with anything it is also a benefit to have more than one set of eyes looking at what you are doing because they may alert you to issue that you had not thought of. Administration can also make sure that the students can easily access this new technology and put into place programs or expectations that insure everyone has an equal opportunity to participate. The most important insight that I have gained from exploring the topic of implementing technology in the classroom is that collaboration is key, a team will always make you stronger. Education in our ever advancing and connected world is no longer about one individual independently sharing their knowledge with a group of students, but rather a team working together to facilitate the knowledge exchange.


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