Current Trend in Education: Social Media in The Classroom

One current trend that I see starting to be utilized in education is the use of social media in the classroom. Majority of people use social media in their personal lives as a way to connect and interact. It allows us to be a more globally minded community and keeps us in contact with friends and relatives around the world. Due to the fact networking and sharing of ideas is so beneficial in education, having a convenient and easy to use platform to do so it a huge benefit. This year I have implemented the use of Twitter in my classrooms so that my students and I can have a more convenient way of connecting with one another. I find that when I e-mail my classes many of my students do not regularly check their e-mail. I am hoping that with having Twitter as a method of communication I can more frequently share information and ideas with the students on a platform that they are more willing to use. Due to the character limit on tweets it forces me to be concise and to the point, which I hope will give more impact to what I am communicating to them. It also assists me in giving them reminders of things coming up and alerts on new developments in class in a more accessible manor than an e-mail. I find that my work e-mail is very cumbersome to access from my home computer so for me Twitter is far easier and takes way less time out of my day when I need to communicate something.


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