Me, Professionally Speaking

Currently I am employed as a full time instructor in the aviation programs at SAIT. I am starting my fifth year teaching in the program and can say without hesitation it is the best job I have ever had. It has many challenges and when I look back to four years ago to now I have grown immensely. The PIDP program has been a huge help to me and has really fueled my growth, and allowed me to develop so many necessary skills. I am very pleased with where I have gone so far in this program and look forward to finishing it this year. My goal over the next five years is to continue with my professional development by gaining my Master of Education with a focus on leadership in higher education. I have been looking at the program at Royal Roads University and at the University of Alberta. As much as I would like to start my master degree right away I am also looking to start a family so I do not want to load up my plate too much. From there I look forward to continuing to teach in the Aviation Programs, and should a leadership position come available I would consider making that advancement in my career. During the time between now and starting my masters degree I plan to engage in as many conferences, both technical and educational as I possibly can. I would love to attend the ATEC conference next year as well as the NISOD conference, possibly in the next two years. I also am looking to become more involved with SAIT beyond just teaching in my department. I am slated to becoming a mentor to students in non traditional careers here at SAIT. I have as well been given an opportunity to talk at the Women in Aviation conference next year which is an opportunity I am quite excited for. It will give me a chance to network and expand my connections within my professional environment.


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