My Journey Through the PIDP to Date!

Wow, it has been an amazing journey taking this course. I have learned so much, especially about myself first and foremost. All of the reflective journaling I have done has taught me so much about my perceptions and feelings. I was at first incredibly hesitant about the reflective journaling and really felt it was a waste of time. Was I ever wrong! Through the journals in each course I have really grown. I can see that I have developed better critical thinking, and self reflection skills. I can honestly say I am going to try my best to do reflective journaling as much as I can as part of my practice. This program has helped me grow and develop crucial skills as an adult educator. Of all the courses I took during the PIDP, 3230 Evaluation of Learning was my favorite. I found this course extremely challenging in the amount of work that needed to be completed, but I learned so many valuable skills on how to properly evaluate. It made me sit back and groan, because now I can see how bad some of my evaluations are and how badly they need to be changed. On the flip side I feel pride in the fact that I can identify these issues now and that I have the skills to make them better. Although 3230 was my favorite I can pick out aspects from all the courses in the PIDP that have helped me. In 3100 writing the essay was terrifying but it jolted me back into being a student and gave me confidence that I could do it. 3210 I did in a face to face format, and that was a great experience to have to sit in a classroom again. It made me realize what my students go through and have a better understanding of what the classroom is like from their perspective. Jacquie Harrison was a great instructor and I can say I learned so much just by observing how she ran the class. Brian Cassell in 3240 gave me great guidance on my desire to pursue my Master Degree. Lastly in 3260 I have really seen the value in the blog, it is a great place to just put all the things that float around in my head. This way they are somewhat more organized and I can be reminded of things I wanted to do or use by going back and reading my posts. All of the textbooks have been wonderful resources I am so happy that I have been able to add them to my library. Having the ability to connect with other adult educators outside of my workplace has also been very beneficial. I have gotten to see many different viewpoints and been exposed to boundless resources. I will strongly recommend this course to anyone who will listen. I have grown and developed skills that make me feel more confident in my abilities in the classroom and I hope have made me a better instructor for my students. Keep up the fantastic work everyone at VCC School of Instructor Education! If any one is questioning whether they should take this program or not DO IT!! You will not regret it, any sacrifice you have to make will be well worth it at the end!


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